“The coming of age of digital image is now a generally recognized fact and in spite of its detractors and those who would rather dwell in the oldtime photography which seems now to be shrinking to an impassioned rear-guard of would-be alchemist and self-declared chosen few who enjoy the intricate chemical uncertainties and skin destruction process it implies”


Vision Aberrations

Out Of Control London Halloween


Graffiti the 20 000 Year Revolution

Night Shift

The Notting Hill Carnival 2014


Alida Cervantes at The Saatchi Gallery London

More than you would want to know but still need to know about guilt, tradition, sacrifice, race, gender, domination and repressed desires
July 27th 2015

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Jiema Unique Visions Of Worlds Buried In Our Imagination

The borders that separate in our mind the generally accepted disciplines of Art are suddenly blurred
May 23rd 2015

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New Age Easy Riders Niamey Street View
2nd August 2015 by hughes-photo 

The times they are a-changing, Niamey Just Do It ! From Classic to  Neo-Classic, and a leap to wild...

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Iron Women Niger The Red Planet
2nd August 2015 by hughes-photo 

The endless plains that offer no shadow or shelter, the red iron ore hills The pyroclastic fire of a thousand...

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Level Crossing Love Guilin
1st August 2015 by hughes-photo 

The Guilin Love Machines braves the rain and the treacherous rail-tracks the level crossing Like the gates...

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