“The coming of age of digital image is now a generally recognized fact and in spite of its detractors and those who would rather dwell in the oldtime photography which seems now to be shrinking to an impassioned rear-guard of would-be alchemist and self-declared chosen few who enjoy the intricate chemical uncertainties and skin destruction process it implies”


Notting Hill Carnival 2019

Notting Hill Carnival 2018

The Niger Riversides

Niamey Streets

Notting Hill Carnival 2017

Notting Hill Carnival 2016


Simon Stalenhag Yesterday’s future is the future of the future

Simon’s barbarian world has been placed or misplaced in the 1980s probably to reassure us that some last minute time-warp has saved us from the fate of decaying technological civilizations that trusted their own freedom to AI and the machines and the rise and fall of generations
Fantastic hyper realistic brush strokes and a mastering of ambience and light just to remind us that art knows no rules or borders as much as pixels in photography can go wild regardless of schools and principles
This is an enthralling world that is both a prison and the escape from itself
We are riveted to these disturbing pictures, yet the AI and robots gone wild seem somewhat more reassuring than the 2016 humans
Now open your eyes for the take-off

January 1st 2016

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Jiema Unique Visions Of Worlds Buried In Our Imagination

The borders that separate in our mind the generally accepted disciplines of Art are suddenly blurred
May 23rd 2015

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Solitary Silhouette London Night Shift
28th December 2020 by Hughes-Photo 

On a rainy night along the embankments The old place of docks and warehouses Now converted to human night...

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The Safety Catch – London By Night
27th December 2020 by Hughes-Photo 

A light and a lifebuoy in the night Listening to the river’s silent call The plunge of the broken...

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London Night Drizzle
26th December 2020 by Hughes-Photo 

The barges with Christmas lights And the red-eyed arachnid cranes Look at their reflection in the water...

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