Africa by Any Means Necessary 2

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The Wedding Partygoer Niamey Streets

Peanut Business Accra Ghana

The Vigil Jamestown Ghana

Visions and mirages Togo

Sappeur on the road Ghana 2011

A day at the beach Lomé Togo

Sunart what else Lomé Togo

The Famous Rex Accra

Lomé Street Life

Seduction Accra Ghana

Seduction Lomé Togo

Night Shift On The Road Lomé Togo

Sexy Ladies Night Lomé Togo

Young Peul Shepherd Niger in the desert

Black Madonna Niger The Red Planet

The Firewood Collection Niger On the Road

The Chores Niger on the road

Young Posers On the road to Niamey

On the streets of Niamey 2011

The Downhill Race Niger The Red Planet

The Boys On The Hill Niger The Red Planet

By The Riverside Niger The Red Planet

The Fruit of Departure Niamey Streets

Three Wise Men Niamey Streets Niger

The Canari Shop Niamey Streets

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