Night Shift

The Vampire of St James's Park

All dressed up Nowhere to Go London Night Shift

The Bridge Café Shoreditch Night Shift

Don't Miss Saigon London Night Shift

Not Whitechapel Not 1888 London Night Shift

N°38 Piccadilly Bright Lights London Night Shift

Prime Cuts London Night Shift

Saturday Night Shoreditch Night Shift

Neon Special Shoreditch Saturday Night Shift

Southwark Night Shift

Burberry Giant Woman Attacks London

Hollow Submarines London Night Shift

O Death, old captain, it is time! let's weigh anchor! This country wearies us, O Death! Let us set sail! Though the sea and the sky are black as ink, Our hearts which you know well are filled with rays of light. Pour out your poison that it may refresh us! This fire burns our brains so fiercely, we wish to plunge To the abyss' depths, Heaven or Hell, does it matter? To the depths of the Unknown to find something new! Charles Baudelaire Le Voyage

The Posse Shoreditch Late Night Shift

Cold Lights Shoreditch Night Shift

The Box London Night Shift

Starvation Armies London Night Shift

A Bridge across the light London Night Shift

Cinderella London City Night Shift

Stormy Skyline London Night Shift

N°18 London Night Shift

Attempts at Temptation London Night Shift

Black Mustang London Night Shift

DLR to East India London Night Shift

The Night ride home Shoreditch

Edgware Road Station London Night-Shift

Full Moon Marylebone London Night-Shift

Under The Spotlights London Suburbia Night-Shift

In The Darkness Shines The Light London Suburbia Night-Shift

Heaven and Hell The Docklands Night Shift London

Geryon 7th and 8th Circles of Hell London Night Shift

Foggy Trucking Night Shift London Suburbia

Night Shift Fast Forward London Suburbia

N68 on Night Shift London Suburbia

Hungry Car Dealer London Suburbia

Semi-Haunted Houses London Night-Shift

Do Long Bridge In London The Night Shift

Zebras In The Night London

Sleepwalking In London The Night Shift

The Red Light Illusion Geneva Night Shift

The Light Show Geneva Night Shift

Late Finish Touch London Night Shift

The Bunnies Rule Palma Spain

Strangers In A Sleepless Night London

The beginning Of The End Of Procrastination

A Clockwork Waltz At Winter Wonderland

Ritz And Glitz London Night Shift

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