The Americas

La Divina Providencia Asunción Paraguay

La Divina Providencia Asunción Paraguay

The Last Real Cow Boys Paraguay

The Perrier shaped Baobabs Chaco Paraguay

Afraid and in Love Aregua Paraguay

Visions of Cahipirina on Ice Ipanema Brasil

Triumphal Arch Copacabana The Americas

Brahma Mobile Copacabana Brasil

Sunrise But No Tequila Copacabana Rio de Janeiro Brasil

Can't be any lower Lima Pacific Ocean

El Peaton and the Police Lima peru

Los Brutos tabien Ama Vigen de Caacupe Paraguay

American Dream Asunción Paraguay

Time is a bus that Takes the Child in us away Asunción

Saints to Go San Lorenzo Aregua Paraguay

The Skyline’s Flipside Panama City The Americas

Ballroom Door Lima Peru The Americas

The Cobbler’s Shop Panama City The Americas

The Voyage of the mind Panama

The Estate Bike Asunción Paraguay

The Bus to Lambare Asunción 2008

Imagination Knows No Doors Lima Streets Peru

La Playa In Your Cheap Dreams Lima Peru

1967 Ford & Fire Hydrant Lima (same year as 100 Years of Solitude)

Abstract Green Door 1020 Lima Peru 2010

The Colours Workshop Lima Peru

Asunción Skyline at Sunset Paraguay

Copacabana Seafront Sunset - The Americas

Mean Streets Panama City

Encounters Panama City

Behind The Skylines Panama City

The Gamblers Panama City

Purple Sunset in Asuncion

Magical Mystery Tour Panama City

Copacabana Stormy Day

Twilight In Asuncion

Heaven and Hell Guardian Asuncion

The Mafu Cage Asuncion

The Magic Bus Stop Asuncion

Eros By Night In San Lorenzo Paraguay

Chillaxing, Asuncion, Paraguay

A Peaceful Place To Rest Paraguay

The Bridge Of Freedom Cuidad Del Este

The Human Tide Ciudad Del Este

Riders In The Storm - The Americas

The Bus Stop Paraguay

End Of Day In Copacabana

New London Paraguay

The Border Hoppers Cuidad Del Este

Abstract Figurative Panama City

The Favourite Game Asuncion

San Lorenzo On The Road Paraguay

Welcome To NSA Paraguay

Skyline Meets Waterline Panama City

Straight From The Wall Lima Street Art

The Mysterious Ways Lima

The Red Wall Of Reality Lima Streets

The Shapes of Water Asuncion Streets

May B Ice Cold Coke Asuncion Streets

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