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Vision Aberrations

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The nanny state lost Somewhere in a London hotel

What are you looking at?

Architectural Abstract Paris

Helping Hand St James's Park London

oar and lights game Hammersmith

Nessie's point of view London

Nostalgia London


The Pigeon and The Oyster London

No Future - Paris

Hope will grow on barricades

Art under lock and key

Human Skull as Art Paris gallery

Mike Nelson Coral Reef Exhibition Tate Gallery

The End Of This Road - Visual Perception

Captain Ahab I presume ? Jersey

View from a bridge Hammersmith

Jellyfish ballet Shanghai

Stairway to heaven

Aggressive Marketing Jersey

The Sons of Cain Paul Landowski Paris


Parrot drone Sao Paulo

Room with a view

separated colours

The Sentinel Jimenez Deredia Rome

Swiss Nature Morte

Improvised Meeting Geneva

The Whistle-blower locked-up To Julian

To Megaupload In memoriam

The Space Kit Ebbsfleet By Night

Portrait Of A Desert Queen Niger

Venetian Blinds in Buenos Aires Airport

Art by Roobens Panama

Corridors and Closets Paris Burning

After the battle

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