“The links provided here are on a non-commercial basis i.e. they are just an acknowledgement to those who have encouraged me or helped me to bring this work where it is now”

Restaurant Au 35

I specially recommend the “Au 35″ restaurant who kindly allowed me to hang my first set of six pictures in the size I think they have been made for viewing, so if you happen to be in the artsy Paris Latin Quarter and want to enjoy a simple Parisian-style bistro treat while looking at my photos, they are open every day all year round.

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Espace Nouvelle Vision

You may wonder what Espace Nouvelle Vision has to do with photography, but you may certainly know that eye vision is essential while taking pictures and later developing them be they classic film or digital, I have been plagued for years with astigmatism and presbyopia which are the worst handicaps in photography especially for focusing when you do not trust the AFs I decided to get this repaired a little more than year ago and I may really call it a virtual rebirth.

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Workstation Specialists

Did you ever feel frustrated when visiting computer shops where all you see is a design competition with underlying just average components if not obsolete? Did you feel frustration when trying to go through Tiff image collections or waiting for Photoshop to render the lens corrections? I did until I ordered a state of the art rig from the Workstation Specialists. I use a custom designed workstation boasting dual six core Intel Xeon X5660, Sata 3 main hard drive 24 GB RAM and Nvidia Quadro 4000 graphic card plus 8TB hard drive combination in Raid 0 array.

You can visit the Workstation Specialists and get expert friendly advice for your own custom made workstation or laptop PC or Mac with the best components you can afford.


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